How it all started

It all started off with a Rickshaw, the ride that is almost a cultural identity of local transport in Asia.

Asif Talib, the founder of Lok Savaari Adventures, drives a Rickshaw in Lahore (mainly for international interns for AIESEC and students of LUMS). During that he came across some foreigners who were going to a trip to Cholistan Desert. Asif was also invited to the trip and he gladly accepted the invite. The trip was amazing. The foreigners loved how Asif would guide them throughout the trip. It went amazing. They told him that he should be taking tours himself.

He then took his first ever trip to Soon Valley after 6 months of Cholistan Trip with 85 tourists, both local and foreigners for 4 days. And since then it has been that way. Many would approach Asif and ask when his next trip is going. He has taken 9 trips since the last one and a half year to the north and the south of Pakistan, showing the brighter side of Pakistan.

Asif’s is a story of survival and courage. He never gave up. He has not even completed his studies but he has learned how to speak in English to communicate with the foreigners he interacts with on daily basis. He wakes up every day remembering how he has to pick someone or drop another to their destiny in time in his Rickshaw without a frown on his face. Spreading smiles to his riders and travelers all the time, Asif redefines the whole concept of travelling.

Asif’s company Lok Savaari Adventures is a unique tourism company that makes your trips memorable with a different approach to travelling and the concept of tourism.

It not only provides good rates, but also gives you more than you could ever get from conventional travel companies in terms of the quality of the Transport, Food, Accommodation and Trip Plans.

The best thing about it is its local tour guides. These are the natives of the areas being visited who will narrate the story of those places and their cultures as seen through the prism of time. This is a part of human geography that he mentioned in the short description.

Asif’s story is of perseverance, courage and determination. Lok Savaari redefines tourism by always putting the customer first. We believe that tourism should not be about exploiting the customers but about giving them a local feel and taste of the environment that they’re in. Tourism for us is more than just getting to your destination and taking pictures, it’s about travelling in all its entirety: from long drives to the local food to befriending the locals.
Lok Savaari started out as a company not just to garner foreigners but more so to give the indigenous population an opportunity to tour Pakistan. Often times our very own Pakistanis are unaware or reluctant to travel north especially so Lok Savaari aims to remove these barriers from people’s minds that travelling up north is dangerous and hence allow them to experience the beauty of their homeland.
This is vital to our mission. Pakistan has an abundance of places worth seeing but unfortunately not many know about them nor are they willing to undertake a journey to explore their own country. Often people claim that either it’s too tiring to undertake such a journey or they are deterred by the negative picture painted by the media. This is exactly what Lok Savaari aims to do: we strive to prove the negative perceptions that exist about Pakistan while making the journey as comfortable as possible.

Our Team

Asif Talib

Founder and CEO

Ahmer Ibrahim

Chief Operating Officer

Faran Tanveer

Creative Director

Mahroosa Raza

Director Marketing and PR

Our Mission

Lok Savaari Adventures is our unique take on the tourism industry that aims to make trips memorable with our novel approach to travelling and the concept of tourism. Started by Asif Talib, an ambitious and hardworking individual from Multan, Lok Savaari Adventures has grown from a single person to a fully functional team who are determined to cater to all your wanderlust needs.

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